Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Kwik Stix is a unique product and we were excited that they contacted me about doing a review of their latest product THIN STIX made by THE Pencil Grip, Inc.  They sent me the sticks free of charge with the understanding that I would give an honest review.

Stix are a tempera paint filled “pen” which keeps your paint in the art area and not splattered all over the place.

When we used the stixs before we loved their fun design and colors. The kids used the stixs to create wonderful paintings and enjoyed every minute of it. The 12-stick pack which are arranged in nice, colorful packaging. The solid paint sticks can be used without smocks, as they dry in 90 seconds leaving the finish bright as regular paint and brush paint.  The paint does not crack and can be used on poster paper, cardboard, wood, or canvas. 

Hannah stated as she loves the stix and that her friends would love them. She had stated at the time, “I wish they had slimmer stix so I could add more detail.”  I had added that in my past review.  Low and behold they made this product and we were excited to try it in our homeschool and art classes.

Hannah used the new sticks at home and during an art class. She made much more detail in her creations. She loved using them. She is a pre-teen and enjoyed the thinner paint stick.  We love the vibrant colors they included.  We plan on sharing them with our homeschool group so others can use them and see how wonderful using them can be. 

We would whole-heartily recommend KWIX STIX standard and KWIX STIX THIN.  They are perfect for any visual art program in homeschools, public schools, preschools, nursery schools or Sunday schools.

Lastly, this company has a beautiful website and their customer service department is very helpful and listen to your needs.

You can find The Pencil Grip, Inc products on AMAZON